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Mobile Storage

What exactly is Mobile Storage?

In short, it’s when we bring the storage unit to you! We call it a Space Station. Instead of packing your belongings and renting a truck, we deliver a storage unit to you that you can then fill at your convenience. Once everything is safely tucked away in the unit, we’ll drive it back to one of our secure storage facilities – and when you’re ready to unload the storage unit, we’ll bring it back to you. If you want to keep the Space Station at your home, we can do that too!

There are many reasons that people choose mobile over traditional self-storage. Many of our clients lead busy lives and appreciate our no-rush policy of being able to keep their storage unit for several days or weeks while they gradually load it up. Others do not feel comfortable renting and driving a moving truck, so mobile storage is a safer solution for them. Some use this option as an alternative to hiring a professional mover since we are able to bring the unit to your old house and return it to the new one.

Whatever your reason, we think you’ll agree, that this is one of the easiest storage solutions anywhere in the Fraser Valley.

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